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Knee valgus is a very common occurrence in the weight room. It’s also common in sports. Hell, you can even go to a public place and examine people’s walking.Valgus deformity. In orthopedics, a valgus deformity is a condition in which the bone segment distal to a joint is angled outward (angled laterally, that is, away from the body's midline).[1] The opposite deformation, where the twist is toward the center of the body, is called varus.

Define valgus. valgus synonyms, valgus pronunciation, valgus translation, English dictionary definition of valgus.** How to fix your Knee Valgus! // What is Knee Valgus? Knee Valgus is a condition where the knees cave inwards towards.

Hallux valgus is a common, painful orthopaedic foot and ankle deformity. Most hallux valgus deformities can be treated conservatively with appropriate shoewear modifications, orthotics, and bunion splints.valgus pad filler pad; D filler (see Table 1); clinical/orthotic pad; plantar part of pad infills/cushions plantar medial longitudinal arch; medial flange extends along medial.

Define genu valgum. genu valgum spontaneously correct by the age of 7 years to that of the adult alignment of the lower limbs of 8 degrees of valgus.Genu valgum, commonly called "knock-knee", is a condition in which the knees angle in and touch each other when the legs are straightened. Individuals with severe valgus deformities are typically unable to touch their feet together while simultaneously straightening.

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Looking for online definition of valgus in the Medical Dictionary? valgus explanation free. What is valgus? Meaning of valgus medical term. What does valgus.after age 7 valgus should not be worse than 12 degrees of genu valgum; after age 7 the intermalleolar distance should be 8 cm; - Genu Valgum (knocked knees).