Physician performed Partial phalangectomy on right fifth metatarsal with a Syndactylization on right fourth and fifth toes. Dr provided codes 28150 and 28280.Apr 16, 2013 Can I have some imput on the following procedure: dx: contracted toe operation: Middle phalanx phalangectomy Op note reads: incision was .Jul 8, 2016 An understanding of the skeletal anatomy of the ankle, foot, and toes is key in amputations because CPT® code selection is based primarily.SURGICAL TECHNIQUES OF HALLUX AMPUTATION. James L. Boucbard, DPM. Many surgeons have documented the success of more distal amputations .Longitudinal Bracketed Epiphysis of Proximal Phalanx of the Great Toe With Congenital Hallux Varus Managed Simultaneously With Monorail External Fixator .

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