P – ümbermõõt, S – pindala, a,b,c,d – küljed, d – diagonaal h – kõrgus, k – kesklõik P- põhja ümbermõõt, H – ruumilise kujundi kõrgus1 Sp- põhja pindala, Sk – külgpindala.Cervical cancer. Estimated incidence, mortality prevalence, 2012. Incidence Mortality Incidence Mortality Prevalence. Chart. Export.

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SYNTHETIC MODIFICATION AND CHARACTERISATION OF UNSATURATED POLYESTERS MIKAEL SKRIFVARS Laboratory of Polymer Chemistry Department of Chemistry Faculty of Science.Sea Value Plc. owns and operates its 3 state-of-the-art tuna processing facilities located in the heart of Thailand seafood and tuna cannery business areas (Samutsakorn and Nakornprathom) under its subsidiaries—Unicord Plc. and I.S.A. Value Co., Ltd.—the two leading tuna processors, 2nd largest in Thailand, with the total current operating capacity of 1,000 tonnes/day.