34 Products Item #: SL=ME-F-F. Right 20 cm contoured firm stiffness Morton Extension SL=F16XF. Right or left 16 cm flat extra firm stiffness Carbon Foot Plate.NRG Orthotic Plates - Morton Toe Extension Plates. To treat Turf Toe injuries, Morton's Toe, Hallux Rigidus and stress fractures. Sort by: Default | Price | Name .NRG Plates use high strength carbon and glass fibers in a tough polyolefin matrix. Used to limit motion for conditions such as Turf Toe™ or hallux rigidus. Easy to fit and finish. Semi-Flex, Semi-Rigid, and Rigid. Available styles are Morton Toe Extension Plates, Flat Plates, and Contoured Plates. Men’s and women’s sizes available.The Carbon Fiber Spring Plate - Graphite Insole is forefoot bursitis, metatarsalgia, hallux limitus finished carbon graphite inserts with a Morton's.for pathologies affecting the midfoot and forefoot including rheumatoid arthritis, hallux rigidus or limitus, Freiberg's disease, diabetes and forefoot amputations .The Turf Toe Plate - Carbon Graphite - Flat limits the range of motion in the great toe, relieving pain in the great toe joint by providing a Morton's extension that extends under.

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