The Israel Border Police (Hebrew: מִשְׁמַר הַגְּבוּל ‬, Mišmar Ha-Gvul) is the gendarmerie and border security branch of the Israel National Police.It is also commonly known by its Hebrew abbreviation Magav (מג"ב ‬), meaning border guard; its members are colloquially known as Magavnikim (מג"בניקים.

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This report discusses the 2013 French Army operations in Mali (Operation Serval) to provide a model for designing and operating an expeditionary force, one that has a number of attributes and competencies the United States Army is seeking.

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This video is a tribute to the French Armed Forces fighting islamist terrorists in Mali and Sahel desert. Operation Serval To Damien Boiteux, Harold Vormezee.